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High Tech Competence Center

High Tech companies require a deep understanding of the industry itself when it comes to business: there is a growing need to better address very specific challenges that apply to High Tech. We combine our traditional range of services with very specific High Tech Industry and ecosystem knowledge.
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Deloitte High Tech Competence Center -in the ecosystem
Deloitte High Tech Competence Center is in the center of this challenging High Tech ecosystem

Supporting the High Tech ecosystem
It is no secret that the High Tech sector is one of the major growth areaโ€™s for the Dutch economy. The southern part of the Netherlands, centered arround the city of Eindhoven, contains a large number of organizations such as NXP, Philips, FEI, ASML, the Technical University of Eindhoven and the High Tech Campus, which shape a strong and interrelated high technology ecosystem. As a matter of fact, last year Eindhoven received an award as the smartest region of the world and this year again it has been selected to be one of the best regions for the High Tech startups.

Deloitte Tech Trends 2016 – Innovating in the digital era

Build tomorrow. Starting today.
The digital era is shaped by disruptive innovation with new technologies. Each year, Deloitte identifies the trends that are most likely to disrupt businesses in the next two years. This 7th edition focuses on virtual reality, the Internet of Things, block chain, platforms, socially responsible applications of technology and more. Explore these trends and view the full report PDF.

Insights from Travis Kalanick – Founder and CEO of Uber

During the Executive Edge CEO Session of May 24, 2016, Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau interviewed Travis Kalanick, the founder and CEO of Uber. They discussed how to beat digital disruption and awake the founder’s spirit in corporates.

Industrialized Analytics

Data is the new oil. Where are the refineries?
To realize dataโ€™s full potential takes more than talent, platforms, and processes. It requires creating a structure for data assets and their use in analytics that can enable repeatable results and scale.

Five types of analytics of things

Data crunching that goes beyond business intelligence
The copious and complex data generated by the Internet of Things require analytics that go beyond descriptive analytics to include diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, and automation functions.
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