Population Health Management

Healthcare systems are struggling to improve quality, manage the increased demand for care while keeping costs under control. The value-based care trend is placing more emphasis on population health management, which focuses on a more holistic view of many health determinants including people’s lifestyle. This also leads to a profound shift in the Healthcare industry from curative to preventive care. Consequently we will get to an economically more sustainable delivery of care, and this will also lead to people enjoying a healthy life longer, because of the avoidance or delayed onset of chronic diseases. In Philips, the new Business Group Population Health Management has the ambition to deliver meaningful innovations in this space along the measure-monitor-motivate paradigm. In this presentation, an overview of our approach to Population Health Management is sketched with an emphasis on the relevance of data to optimize individual effectiveness of the coaching programs. In addition, we will discuss how Population Health Management strategies can be developed by deriving insights through integrating large clinical, claims and lifestyle data sets.

Jorgen Behrens