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Gaining Data-Driven Insight – One Platform Across All Media Does It

As a company leader, I’ve experienced first hand that making the best business decision depends on having the right data. So I can’t help but wonder why much of today’s media monitoring (intelligence gathering) is still being carried out with many different platforms across the enterprise.

When it comes to knowing what’s going on outside of the enterprise and what’s being said about your brand across all media types, relying on multiple platforms can put you at a big disadvantage. We’re all awash in news, social media, print and broadcast content. It can be overwhelming to keep track of everything. Worse yet, many companies have departmentalized news and information into different silos, making it even more difficult to distinguish between duplication and relevant and irrelevant information.
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Leveraging Global Media in the Age of Big Data

Global media has the power to shape our perceptions, influence our decisions, and make or break business reputations. No one in the enterprise can afford to ignore the 24/7/365 onslaught of news and social media. Interpreting the meaning and trends hidden in global media has become an essential job skill for marketers, press relations and information professionals, corporate analysts, product researchers and others involved in critical business decisions.

But the amount of global media – including worldwide production of online and print news articles, blogs, and broadcast – has exploded. No one really knows the true volume of what’s being generated per day, hour or minute anymore. What we do know is that business data is reportedly doubling every 1.2 years. The enormous volume of information and the rate at which new information comes to us is now far beyond our human capacity to assimilate it.
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Elsevier Health Analytics

Analysis of patient journeys and their resource consumptions in Germany Insurants presenting rheumatoid arthritis in Germany Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) – an exploratory retrospective analysis based on German claims data.
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Longitudinally linked data

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