Eindhoven is known as a technology and design city in the heart of the innovative Brainport region

As an innovative high-tech region, Brainport is a substantial contributor to national industrial export and is responsible for a quarter of all private investment in R&D. Brainport generates 37 per cent of all patents registered in the Netherlands each year. The intensive ‘triple helix’ cooperation between trade and industry, knowledge and research institutes, and the authorities also has a positive impact on the business climate.

The city offers enough diversity and knows an extensive center filled with hotels in all price ranges, bars and restaurants on the Markt, Dommelstraat, De Bergen and famous street โ€˜Stratumseindโ€™. It also has famous cultural institutes like the Van Abbe museum, DAF Museum, Philips Museum, Park theater, Effenaar and Muziekgebouw.